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HONDA Inverter Generators Fitted with 32A and 16A Outlets

As the standard Honda EU70iS Inverter Generator comes with 3 x 10A 3 pin power outlets, Independent Power recommend that if you are going to use the generator for battery charging via a DC to AC Inverter/Charger (For example the OutBack Power FXR/VFXR units), then you need to have a 32A outlet fitted to the Honda EU70iS in order to safely deliver the amps of power that the Inverter/Charger will draw.   Not doing this runs the risk of overheating and possibly fire.

This is done by replacing 2 of the 10A outlets by a single 32A outlet.   Also recommended at the same time, is to upgrade the 3rd 10A outlet to a 16A outlet with suitable protection.


7kVA Petrol Electric Start Portable Inverter AC Generator with 32A and 1 x 16A Outlet

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