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All about Independent Power from start to now


Way back in the 80's Bruce Page decided that he wanted to get into the alternative power market and so Page Electronics was created. Bruce and his wife Jan worked out of his garage, and along with selling small solar power systems using ARCO solar modules, Bruce also set his hand to designing an energy efficient low voltage DC lighting range.  And so, the Solagen brand was created.   The Solagen 12/24VDC lights were very popular and the market grew to encompass not only New Zealand but also the Pacific Islands, with thousands being sold through the following years.  Then in 1989, Independent Power was formed and began the long journey to where they are today.

Facing competition from cheap overseas models caused a downturn in demand for Solagen, and after a fire in their factory in March 2015, Jan and Bruce made the difficult decision to no longer offer the Solagen lighting range.

By constantly adding to their product range, Independent Power (NZ) Ltd are now the people to talk to when you require information on alternative power systems, including solar modules, wind turbines, power conversion systems and battery storage to name but a few.

Energy efficiency has always been a focal point, and in 1994 Gram upright fridges and freezers and Elcold chest freezers were added to the product on offer.   At that time, these Danish refrigeration units were the most energy efficient available on the market in New Zealand, and were an essential part of any off-grid power system design.

Gram and Elcold continue to produce more and more efficient appliances, and offer several 3.5 star and 4 star rated units.   This makes them essential buying in any off-grid system, but also, with the price of mains power increasing steadily, both Gram and Elcold offer an energy efficient solution for all standard domestic homes.

Keeping up with the market demands and new product offerings is a challenge.

Jan and Bruce Page's daughter Jennie stepped into the position of Manager back in 2006. Under her inspired guidance, the product range has grown significantly, along with a nationwide Dealer network.

Technician Rick Paterson also joined the company in 2006, and coming from an electronics background, soon stepped into the role of technical advisor and service technician.  Rick also carries out all energy testing on the Gram and Elcold units, as well as being our stores receipt and despatch person.

Sherry McCormick joined Independent Power back in 1998, and comes from a long background in the solar industry, having started working for AWA, then C+I Solar and Power Unlimited before moving to Independent Power.   Sherry left in 2004 for health reasons.   She returned in 2011 and brings with her years of experience.

Tryna Mackie joined Independent Power back in 2004 to fill the gap left by Sherry.  Tryna's attention to detail ensures that the company runs along smoothly, and she now concentrates on the accounting side of the business.

Jarek Pole is an engineer who holds an MSc degree in International Business and a postgraduate Diploma in Sustainability from Otago Polytechnic. His commercial and engineering track record in renewables comes from years of working for leading wind turbine manufacturers and power companies in Europe. He was involved in supply chain management, project management and development, design coordination and business development of large, power generation, projects. He speaks 5 languages and is passionate about the Teal type of business governance, sustainable buildings, fishing and latterly permaculture gardening.
He joined Independent Power in mid 2015 and since then has been responsible for business development within the company.

Asif Ahmed joined the team in January 2017 as our Electrical Sales Engineer, where his role focuses on technical sales and support, system design and servicing.  Asif obtained his Masters of Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Auckland. He is assigned to our new IPswitch project which is the latest product developed by Independent Power for easier implementation of off-grid power systems. By bringing his technical knowledge and ideas of new products, Asif is looking forward to developing his talents and gaining knowledge and experience within the company and the renewable energy industry .

Craig Aves has recently returned to Independent Power after a 10 year O.E. during which time he has gained a huge amount of experience in all aspects of alternative power systems.   He has worked on projects ranging from small off-grid to very large grid connected solar power systems.   
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