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Honda Generator EM10000 9kVA

Today, demand for portable electric power has grown. For this reason, the generator market is expanding and the need for larger sized  generators has increased significantly. To cater to these needs, Honda  is excited to announce the arrival of the much anticipated 9kVA EM10000 industrial generator.

The EM10000 has the best fuel consumption in its class. It delivers a generous 9000W/ 240volt AC, making it the perfect worksite companion for jobs large and small; it is also ideal for residential properties in time of power outages.

EM10000 picture
The  EM10000 features Honda’s i-Monitor display, a liquid crystal screen that  allows the user to quickly access and view crucial engine readings and  information such as an hour meter, output voltmeter, battery voltmeter  and error coding. There is also a prominent red oil warning light on the  same panel.

Digital Auto Voltage Regulator (D-AVR), digitally  calculates the effective voltage in the EM10000 from the output voltage  waveform, by area calculating with a microcomputer. The effective  voltage can be found with high accuracy even when the output voltage  waveform is deformed; meaning that the EM10000 will maintain voltage  integrity to deliver more stable power.

The EM10000 has a large  Smooth Flow exhaust which assists in reducing the noise level with a  unique muffler configuration, meaning that this beauty can be used for  applications where sound restrictions apply, or where noise pollution  may be an issue.

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