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Independent Power NZ Ltd offers both

Inverter Generators and Framed Generators made by HONDA.

HONDA Inverter Technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package.  You can even operate the most sensitive electronics without fear of interruption.  Inverter Technology is available on 5 HONDA generator models.  Look for the 'i' after the model number.

Honda strives to produce the world's cleanest and most efficient products from the world's cleanest and most efficient factories, with their EU Series Generators being built in Thailand, Japan or India.

When you buy a Honda Power Product you buy something that is more than the sum of it's parts. That's because every Honda product is designed and engineered to be the leader in it's field.

Put simply, Honda is passionate about improving on perfection. That's why every Honda product is built to be the best and to deliver optimum performance, reliability and economy. Honda's advanced engineering delivers the world's best engines year after year.

Computers and power-sensitive testing equipment require what is referred to as 'clean' power. 'Clean' power is electrical current that is consistent and has a stable 'sine wave' or signal. In order to overcome this problem, HONDA engineers developed a revolutionary form of inverter technology. This process takes the raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a special microprocessor. This means you can operate a computer or other sensitive equipment at a remote location without the fear of interrupted service or damage to the equipment. Using Inverter Technology, HONDA engineers have integrated parts from the engine and generator set, such as the combination flywheel/alternator. This results in a more compact and lighter product that is purpose-built to make clean, reliable power.


1000VA maximum AC output
900VA Rated AC output
DC Output 8 amp
450 x 240 x 380mm

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HONDA EU Series Inverter Generators are the perfect solution for your back up power.

If you have an off-grid power system, the two larger models, EU30 and EU70 offer automatic start up via a 2 wire start module, so you wont have to go outside to start the generator when required. The two smaller models, EU10 and EU20, are best suited to small power requirements, such as recreational camping or for motorhomes.

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If you are connected to the mains power, but suffer frequent power outages and wish to keep some of your essential loads such as the freezer running during a power outage, one of the smaller units may suit you.  

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HONDA Inverter Generators Fitted with 32A and 16A Outlets

As the standard Honda EU70iS Inverter Generator comes with 3 x 10A 3 pin power outlets, Independent Power recommend that if you are going to use the generator for battery charging via a DC to AC Inverter/Charger (For example the OutBack Power FXR/VFXR units), then you need to have a 32A outlet fitted to the Honda EU70iS in order to safely deliver the amps of power that the Inverter/Charger will draw.   Not doing this runs the risk of overheating and possibly fire.    This is done by replacing 2 of the 10A outlets by a single 32A outlet.   Also recommended at the same time is to upgrade the 3rd 10A outlet to a 16A outlet with suitable protection.


7kVA Petrol Electric Start Portable Inverter AC Generator with 32A Outlet Only

7kVA Petrol Electric Start Portable Inverter AC Generator with 32A and 1 x 16A Outlet
HONDA Inverter Generators Fitted with 2WSM - 2 Wire Start Module

Fitting a 2SWM PowerGuard module to your HONDA EU30iS or EU70iS Inverter Generator allows your generator to be started automatically by your off-grid power inverter/charger, so that you never have to brave the weather to manually start your generator when required.  Everything is done for you.   If your batteries need a boost charge because there hasn't been enough sun for your solar modules to provide sufficient charge, or if you have been running some large loads, then the 2WSM works with the AGS (Auto Gen Start) module in the Inverter/Charger to seemlessly fire up your generator and run it until a pre-set voltage is reached in the battery bank.    It then shuts off until required again.


3kVA Petrol Electric Start Portable Inverter AC Generator with AGS feature enabled

7kVA Petrol Electric Start Portable Inverter AC Generator with AGS feature enabled

HONDA Framed Generators

  • Ideal for commercial, rural and back-up emergency power use
  • Commercial quality. Rugged and durable.
  • Full frame for easy transportation.
  • Engine protection with AC/DC circuit breakers and oil alert

2200VA maximum AC output
2000VA rated AC output
DC output 8.3 amps
597 x 435 x 437 mm
45 kg


32e William Pickering Drive



Phone: 09 415 6686

Email: sales@indepower.co.nz


27th September 2017

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